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Oxy Lox for Mane & Tail

Oxy Lox for Mane & Tail

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OXY LOX  is a pelleted daily supplement that helps maintain a healthy skin and coat. Containing sunflower oil and beta glucan, it can help achieve a soft, silky, shiny and healthy coat.

Natural And Drug-Free!

Pelleted product

Product Facts:

POZZI'S OXY LOX™ is a pelleted daily supplement that helps maintain a healthy skin and coat.

Ingredients and Guarantees:


Guaranteed Analysis per 2 oz (56 grams):
(All values are minimum unless otherwise stated.)

Crude Protein — 17.00% — 9650 mg
Lysine — 0.80% — 454 mg
Methionine — 0.30% — 170 mg
Crude Fat — 9.00% — 22980 mg
Crude Fiber, max — 6.00% — 3405 mg
Moisture, max — 12.00% — 6770 mg
Biotin — 2.30% — 1305 mg
Beta Glucanase — 2.50% — 1405 mg
Zinc — 41 ppm
Vitamin E — 250 IU


Corn, Soybean meal, Sunflower oil, Alfalfa meal, Vitamin E supplement, Beta Glucanase, Distillers grain, Biotin, Zinc methionine complex, DL-methionine.

Learn More:

Beta-Glucanase - Clinically proven to activate the immune system by stimulating production and activation of macrophages, the natural pathogen scavenger in the course.

Biotin - A water-soluble B vitamin that plays in important role as an enzymatic cofactor in metabolism, meaning it is an inorganic complement to the enzyme reaction involved in metabolism. It is a popular nutritional supplement administered to horses to promote and maintain the growth of healthy hooves and coats.

Octacosanol - Used to improve exercise performance including strength, stamina, and reaction time.

Sunflower Oil - Sunflower Oil- A nonvolatile oil that can be extracted from sunflower seeds. Known for their essential fatty acids especially omega-6 which is key for a healthy immune system.  Sunflower Oil can also act as an antioxidant and is active in skin health.

Directions for use:

Feed at the rate of 2 ounces (56 g) once per day.

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