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Gorgeous Sorrels

HorseWell Massager

HorseWell Massager

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The HorseWell Massager is a unique, easy to use, massaging tool that releases tension in fascia and has 100% satisfaction from trainers in all different disciplines! The fascia is a layer of fibrous connective tissue, that can hold thousands of pounds of restrictions! Ouch! With this massage blade, you will be able to give your equine partner a very effective massage in the comfort of your barn. In 10-15 minutes, your horse will feel better than ever, and over time they will move better than ever. Allow your horse to perform to the best of their ability by decreasing pain, removing lactic acid and other unwanted bodily toxins, increase range of motion, increase circulation and build a stronger horse/rider relationship. Reach all superficial muscles down to deep muscles with every side of this blade. This product is durable and will withstand freezing temperatures to hot temperatures without defect.

Your horse will thank you!

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