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Gorgeous Sorrels

Top Hand Magnetic Sheet

Top Hand Magnetic Sheet

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Here are a few facts about our therapy line:

  • The material of our magnetic blankets uses far infrared therapy. Unlike other rays, far infrared does not damage or burn the skin.
  • Our magnets are globally sourced and imported through Canada. They are labeled as therapeutic grade, but that does not affect you in customs as they are not considered a medical device in the US or Canada. 
  • Our magnetic blankets come with a detachable hood. The hood has magnets in the poll and cranial area, the body has magnets throughout.   While I am sure our line will be copied, we are currently the only blanket sold with a detachable hood with magnets at the poll.  Keep in mind, the material and the magnets cannot be duplicated, only imitated.  The magnets in both the sheet and hood are placed according to acupressure points through the body. 
  • Most magnets perform better in cold conditions than hot. Our magnets are tested to withstand temperatures of -30° to 400°F without losing strength!  
  • Our unique magnets do not rust or corrode with exposure to moisture or salt. 
  • Our sheets are cut longer to give full stifle and gaskin therapy. 
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